The New Simple 4-step Formula to Stop Frustrating Bladder Leaks and Prolapse

No more old-school Kegels.  

The simple way to lasting results, and preventing things from getting worse now!


If you have ever:

  • Peed when you sneezed, laughed, coughed, ran or jumped.
  • Not gone to an activity, or left an activity early because of urine leaks. 
  • Have to know where the restroom are in case of an urgency.
  • Needed a pad for protection 

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Learn unknown habits that you have since you were potty trained that are now weakening your pelvic floor.

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The simple test that will tell you exactly how your pelvic floor is feeling down there.

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"I felt the difference in my posture. Very informative! The blueberry exercise is very interesting!"

Nice to meet you!

If you haven't met me chasing my kids with my messy bun and yoga pants (maybe with my hiking socks on top)

Hey! I'm Julie! Mom of 3 kiddos under 12 and fur mama of a big rescue dog and delicate cat. Caffeine is my friend to stay on top of my busy life even if the pelvic floor therapist in me (and my bladder) tells me I should switch to herbal tea.

Because yes...like 50% of women, I did have pelvic floor issues after delivering 3 babies (It took only one to send me on this journey!). I used to carry thick pads in order to continue doing what I loved.

I do not want women to silently live with those symptoms without knowing there are solutions that don't include surgery (and the months of recovery after) or Kegels which is the old way of addressing these symptoms and don't work.  

During my 12 years treating women, I realized I had to consider the whole body in order to have quicker and lasting results, not as I was taught in PT school. So I trained as a professional yoga therapist, and also trained with low-pressure fitness, to develop the Pelvic Floor SimplifiedTM a holistic approach to help women with pelvic floor symptoms like incontinence or prolapse. I have used these techniques with hundreds of women that did not get relief with physical therapy alone.  I can't wait to share the Pelvic Floor SimplifiedTM with you!

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