Pelvic Floor Simplified

The simple way to stop bladder leaks or your organs falling down holistically in less than 10 minutes per day.  


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Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, Let's talk about who it's really for:

  • You are ready to take care of this problem and be active like you used to.

You are more than ready

  • To laugh with your friends without worrying about peeing in your pants.
  • To get out of your house knowing you do not need a change of pad or panties.
  •   To run around with your kids, lift them whatever their weight, do tickle fights knowing you can trust your body.  
  • To go back to the activities you love and not be worried you might make things worse!


You are ready to take care of yourself and stop ignoring this problem

 You might have experienced:

  • peeing a little when you sneezed, laughed, ran or jumped
  • You have missed an activity or left early because of urine leaks.
  • You sometimes need pads for protection, or thought about it.
  • You might feel pressure down there, like your body is falling out.
  • You have been living with those symptoms for more than 3 months (even years)
  • You have tried many different solutions and nothing gave you lasting results

You’re in the right place, this course will give you the step by step tools, knowledge, accountability and professional support to help you regain control of your body and stop those frustrating symptoms



"It was completely different

from everything else out there!"

"Julie is kind and gentle and available to clarify and help at any time.

She loves what she does and it shows.

I was leaking when sneezing, coughing, and some other movements. I didn’t know what was going on with my body, it seemed to change from day to day. I thought it was too late to have noticeable changes.

After the program, I am able to do high knees without leaks Eeeek! I understand my body better, and take more time for myself and truly appreciate knowing there are still more positive changes to come!

Every Monday I was excited to start a new module and learn more! My favorite part was the breathing exercises and the postures which makes you feel like a goddess of self care!!!


Even with what feels like small steps, you will be able to regain a better control your pelvic floor."

"Give it a shot, it is NEVER too late!"


When you join during this special time period

You'll get:

Pelvic Floor Simplified


  • 4 On-demand modules

    Regain control of your body by following 4 simple steps and addressing your symptoms through posture, breath, and movement, for lasting changes that let you return to the activities you enjoy!

  • Professional support and coaching 

    Get the support you need to reach your goals. You can get quick support whenever you need it.
  • More confidence in your body.

    Enjoy your favorite activities without worrying about those leaks. 
  • Better control of your bladder. Stop running to the restroom all the time!

    Imagine being able to wait when someone is already on the toilet. Knowing how to control those urges.
  • Being able to lower the pressure in your belly. So you don't feel like your organs are falling out anymore.

    Go back on hikes, long walks, and jump without feeling you are pushing them out even more.



You'll be given access to one module per week, so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons and implement the exercises of each module before moving on to the next. Perfect for busy schedules


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What my students are saying


-C. (Texas)


Julie is such a great human, who makes us feel really comfortable to talk about anything! 

She makes sure we are in a safe place.


I was leaking when sneezing, and even if my daughters are teenagers, before I discovered what Julie does, I didn’t know there was something I could do about it. 


The program changed how I felt during allergy season! I have much more control, it’s nothing like it’s used to be, I’m so HAPPY about that.

-J. (Europe)

"We learn the why of doing things.

I love Julie’s energy! "


I do not have access to a physical therapist where I live. I just had my first child, and I did not want to stay with my problems. After enjoying the free facebook group, I felt the program was perfect for me.

I love the rhythm and energy of the program. Julie can answer a large range of questions without overstepping. It really helped me see my body differently!


-Beth. (USA)

"At first I thought the exercises might be too small/minimal to feel...but when you are activating & creating your own tension, you really do feel it. It's very different from the super active, explosive, big movement exercises I was used to!"

 "I definitely needed something that can fit into the chaos of a new moms day"

By the end of this course, 

you will have...



Better control on those leaks.

Imagine life without worrying about changing a pad, or carrying an extra pair of panties. Knowing you can go back to the activities you love without always having this shadow at the back of your mind.


A better understanding of your body.

Empowering you to owning you healing journey, you will be able to evaluate yourself, using a complete evaluation process.  Knowing where you start and what is the next step. 


A better understanding of why you leak, and know what tweaks to do prevent them

Get fast results to control your leaks by knowing what are the first advice physical therapist share with their clients for fast wins. 


An exercise program adapted to your needs and schedule.

No more excuses to forget your exercises, you will choose when to do them and be able to include them in your daily task whether it is while brushing your teeth or waiting in line at the grocery store. I will help you find the perfect fit for your specific schedule.


A stronger body, that you can trust. 

Using a whole body approach, you will see global changes in your strength and control. 


A Calmer mind. With this mind-body approach.

Using the breath as the main guide, every time you exercise you will get a meditative state which calms the mind and connects you to your body. A whole body approach is important for lasting results. Meditating and training at the same time! Win-win! 

Nice to meet you!

If you haven't met me chasing my kids with my messy bun and yoga pants...

Hey! I'm Julie! Mom of 3 kiddos under 12 and fur mama of a big rescue dog and delicate cat. Caffeine is my friend to stay on top of my busy life even if the pelvic floor therapist in me (and my bladder) tells me I should switch to herbal tea.

Because 50% of women, I did have pelvic floor issues after delivering 3 babies. It took only one...I used to carry thick pads to continue doing what I loved. 

Treating women for more than 11 years, I realized that I had to consider the whole body to have lasting results. So I trained as a professional yoga therapist, and also trained with low pressure fitness, to have a holistic approach to the pelvic floor. I have used this approach to help alleviate symptoms that I could not relieve with physical therapy alone.  I want to share this unique approach with you!

A look at the modules inside the program

Module 1

Attention, listen to your pelvic floor


Get to know yourself, deeply analyse what, when and why you have pelvic symptoms.

Knowing where you start will help us choose the right path for you in your healing journey. Get your first tools to start on the right path.

Feel empowered.

Module Highlights: 

  • Answer questionnaires to pin point where the problem lies
  • Evaluate your pelvic floor, with different physio techniques, I will guide you with every step of the process.
  • Analyse how you breathe, stand and move so we can start making small changes one at a time.

Module 2

Adjust: Make quick changes to your lifestyle for easy wins.


Learn all my quick tips. The tips I give all my clients in the first 2 treatment sessions. 

Make a plan according to your results in module 1. 

  1. Learn how to control those urgencies
  2. Learn how to contract at the right time before you sneeze
  3. Start gaining strength in  your upper body in preparation for low pressure fitness. 
  4. Reconnect with your body, stop ignoring it.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn about the principles of the pelvic floor and learn to activate different muscle that contribute to its activation.
  • Follow short step by step videos of exercises for the arms and posture
  • Learn about different techniques that you can adapt to your needs.

Module 3

Activate: Strengthen the Muscles That Need it.



Reconnect mind-body, breath and pelvic floor.

We are building on what you have learned in the previous modules and linking them with movement through specific yoga movements and breathing patterns.


Module Highlights:

  • Learn different kinds of breathing techniques to use all your breathing muscles and impact our posture.
  • Connect the movement of the pelvic floor with the movement of the diaphragm
  • Learn the umbrella breath.
  • Learn the basic principles of hypopressive a proven technique used in Europe, just starting to be known in the United States.

Module 4

Action: Be confident

Connect the final dots in this module.

Learn to be in control of your pelvic floor using all your tools. Relaxation, contraction, yoga therapy, Low Pressure Fitness.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn the 7 basic postures of LPF.
  • Learn advance contraction techniques for the pelvic floor
  • Adapt those techniques for daily living


The 4 modules are delivered once per week.

I am there for support to adapt exercises, make a sustainable plan, and most important, to celebrate your wins!

Here's what you're getting when you join today:


Pelvic Floor Simplified


 ($1997 Value)


Multiple Bonuses 



Accountability Messages from Julie


Make sure you stay on track with your objectives

Julie will write to you weekly to see if you need support or have questions!

($200 Value)



Get Unstuck Calls with Julie (3)


If you need to ask a specific question, get "unstuck"

by scheduling a quick call with Julie

($200 Value)



Demystify your Body Down There


You do not need to be an expert about your pelvic floor to stop leaks.

But if you feel you'd like to know the region better

You'll love this course!

($200 Value)


Life-Time Access to our private Facebook community

 A small private community to talk about struggles and receive support of peers,




Total Value of Bonuses:

More than $600


When you add it all up,

that’s a value of



But when you enroll today, you will get control of your pelvic floor for just:




or 4 payments of $222

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Get Pelvic Floor Simplified 

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Get Pelvic Floor Simplified 

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You'll be backed by a 14 day Guarantee.

 Pelvic Floor Simplified 

Is the only program led by a trained pelvic floor physical therapist with a holistic approach to help you stop leaks.

In those 2 weeks, you will have access to the evaluation process and the quick wins in module 2.

Try 50% of the course before making a final commitment!

If you don't feel you have received the value you expected and don't see results in your body (better posture, fewer symptoms, and understanding the path to control leaks), simply reach out, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment. Full details here.


What people asked before signing up for

Pelvic Floor Simplified

More testimonials from past students or members


-Chelsey. (Texas)


"I wasn’t sure about an online program, because I felt I might miss something from an in person consultation. But my favorite part of the program was actually the fact that the exercises are filmed, I can always go back and refresh my memory. Julie shares so many great examples, it makes it easy to understand.  We can tell she has been doing this for a long time!

Any woman with symptoms should treat themselves with this gift because I really thought at one point in my life I would need to have a surgery.

I was really impressed with the improvements with only little changes in my daily routine."

-Jane. (Europe)


Even after only 2 modules, I am definitely more aware of how my body works, which impacts little things to do or not to do on day to day.  Those little things make a difference. 

I love learning how everything functions. 


I felt at first that every woman seemed to recover faster than me, but with the facebook group, I really enjoyed reading stories and personal experiences from other members.

I achieved my goal of going back to hicking and follow the rhythm of my friends.


-Dana. (USA)

"I can finally go on runs with my daughter, I always felt bad because I would leak when I tried to run. Julie freed me! Now nothing is holding me back from bonding with my daughter."






The videos are great! Julie’s teaching is very clear! I love it!

Join me in Pelvic Floor Simplified

Let's make changes now!

You can get started today!

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4 Monthly payments of




Get Pelvic Floor Simplified 

And all the Bonuses


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Full Program 

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Get Pelvic Floor Simplified 

And all the Bonuses


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Still thinking about it?


You should give "Pelvic Floor Simplified" a 14 day, risk-free, shot if you're motivated by any of the followings:

You want your life badly.


Whether it's because you want to get back to daily activities with more confidence or go back to more advanced training for your body, you genuinely believe that the next phase of your life should be lived more fully.

More importantly, you know now is the time to take care of this problem you have been carrying for a while now. You do not want to be worrying about leaks every time something fun and exciting comes along.

That's why you're motivated to take this course and invest time and energy to get better, for a better you! This could dramatically alter the rest of your life!


You are so ready to "put in the work."


By now, you know a one size fits all approach doesn't relieve pelvic floor symptoms, and we need to adjust and make tweaks along the way. Knowing that "Pelvic Floor Simplified" looks at the hole body, doesn't scare you, it lights you up!

You appreciate a holistic approach that allows lasting results and that you'll get powerful rewards along your journey. 

"Pelvic Floor Simplified" Is the only online course created by an experienced pelvic therapist with a holistic approach, including yoga therapy and hypopressive (Low-Pressure fitness). It's a unique combination that is difficult to find even when going to an actual clinic. 

I can't wait for you to join me.

I know you have been navigating this issue for a long time and that self-care doesn't always seem like it can be a priority. I have been there and am still there at times.

You deserve more power over this problem.

Whether you choose this option or not, you deserve a simple solution that you can implement.

I have created this program for you, busy lady, ready to finally take care of these frustrating and embarrassing symptoms, one step at a time, at your own pace in the comfort of your home, your safe place. 

Let's stop those symptoms from holding you back in the future.

Let's prevent them from being worse 20-30 years from now.


I am here for support every step of the way.

I would love for you to step into your next phase of life fearlessly, with the right, simple tools to support you

Move forward, and take that first step. I'll be there, cheering you on to your new life, worry-free.


Join me in Pelvic Floor Simplified 

You can get started today!

There is a 14 days guarantee!*

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Get Pelvic Floor Simplified 

And all the Bonuses


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Full Program 

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Get Pelvic Floor Simplified 

And all the Bonuses


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