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Who I help

I help women who have been struggling with pelvic floor symptoms like incontinence, and prolapse for too long and are tired of managing it.


New moms

New mamas who know that their pelvic symptoms don't have to be forever.


Experienced mothers!

They are pros at handling their pelvic symptoms. But silently wish they could laugh without crossing their legs or the need for a pad. They are tired of the feeling their body is falling out each time they jump.


Simply Women

You do not have to be a mom to have pelvic symptoms.  50% of women will have incontinence in their life, it is common but not a finality. You are ready for a change using a holistic approach for lasting results.

Nice to meet you!

If you haven't met me chasing my kids with my messy bun and yoga pants (maybe with my hiking socks on top)

Hey! I'm Julie! Mom of 3 kiddos under 12 and fur mama of a big rescue dog and delicate cat. Caffein is my friend to stay on top of my busy life even if the pelvic floor therapist in me (and my bladder) tells me I should switch to herbal tea.

Because 50% of women, I did have pelvic floor issues after delivering 3 babies. Well, it took only one...I used to carry thick pads in order to continue doing what I loved.

While treating women, I realized I had to consider the whole body in order to have lasting results. So I trained as a professional yoga therapist, and also trained with low-pressure fitness, to create my own holistic approach to the pelvic floor. I have used this approach to help alleviate symptoms that I could not relieve with physical therapy alone.  I want to share this unique approach with you!