The 5 Elements of a Healthy Muscle

anatomy contraction coordination endurance fast kegels knack length muscle pain pelvic floor postural muscle posture scar strength system Apr 06, 2021

In this video I will share with you the 5 elements a muscle needs to be healthy.


1-Learn that strength is not the only objective we need to work ono to have a healthy functioning muscle with the focus on the pelvic floor.

You first need to be doing the contraction the right way. Understanding not all muscles of the pelvic floor wont be activated the same way.

Stronger muscles have the tendency to help weaker muscles and then our weaker muscle do get to train and get better.

2-Length, A healthy muscle should be able to move from being contracted to being stretched without pain. It should be able to contract in all positions. Posture can prevent a muscle to move in it's whole length, and then the muscle gets tight, and not strong.

3-Fast. A healthy muscle should be able to contract fast enough for our needs.

4- Endurance: Some muscles are postural muscles and needs to be working all day to hold our posture. They should not be working at a 100%, but should be activated the whole day and work with the other postural muscles.

5-System: We need to assess the whole system when we work on a muscle, The pelvic floor really relates to your body different ways and we need to be able to work on the different aspect to make a difference. For example: The bladder, the diaphragm, the abdominals, the posture, even the upper body that puts weight on the organs.


Do not miss the next videos to learn about the different elements in more detail.